Mathrubhumi: Samvadam in Kasaragod

Manorama: Samvadam in Kasaragod

Mathrubhumi: Marayoor case

Deepika: Students beaten by teacher in Marayoor case

Manorama: Marayoor girl children beaten by teacher

Mathrubhumi: Samvadam @Alappuzha (2/2)

 Mathrubhumi: Samvadam in Alappuzha (1/2)

 Manorama: Counseling facilities in schools needs to be improved -Alappuzha

 Mathrubhumi: Counselor's Meet in Alappuzha

Mathrubhumi- Trinity School student suicide

TOI- Child friendly panchayat in Venganoor

IE- 3yr old torutured in Kollam

Deepika- 9yr old with cancer contracts HIV: Sou Motu case

Kairali News - 9yr old with cancer contracts HIV: Sou Motu

IE- 9yr old with cancer contracts HIV

Deshabhimani- KeSCPCR registers Suo Motu case ( Shobha Yatra)

Mathrubhumi-Shobha Yatra- KeSCPCR registers Suo Motu case

The Hindu-Shobha Yatra- Suo Motu case

TOI- Shobha Yatra: KeSCPCR registers Suo Motu case

Kerala Kaumudi- Bharat Yatra for Children

DC- It's a War to end Child Abuse: Kailash Satyarthi

DC- Children should be aware on Good touch & Bad Touch

DC- Be True Friends of Kids: Kailash Satyarthi

Mangalam- Bahrata Yatra- Kailash Satyarthi

Madhyamam- An Afternoon with Kailash Satyarthi

IE-  Kailash Satyarthi with children in Trivandrum

Manorama- Bharat Yatra-  Kailash Satyarthi

Manorama- Bharat Yatra-  Kailash Satyarthi

TOI- Blue Whale challenge:KeSCPCR seeks report

Mathrubhumi- Case against psychologist for child abuse

IE - Saving Innocence 

Mathrubhumi-Firms in IT parks must set up creches 

Manorama- #KillBlueWhaleChallenge- NCPCR

Manorama -Firms in IT parks must set up creches 

Kerala Kaumudi-Firms must have creches in IT parks

DC- Firms in IT parks must set up creches 

Mangalam- 3 year-old child Sana missing in Kasaragod 

Kerala Kaumudi-Ensure organic vegetables in Schools 

Manorama-KeSCPCR sitting  in Palakkad postponed

IE- Ensure differently abled kids get scholarships in time'

Mathrubhumi- LSGs to procure and retain the details of differently abled children

DC- Exemp schools from hartals

Deepika- KeSCPCR in Gavi, Pathanamthitta 

Mathrubhumi-KeSCPCR visit in Gavi, Pathanamthitta 

Deshabhimani-Visually challenged students admission in Plus Two 

Mathrubhumi-Visually challenged students  admission in Science stream of Higher Secondary courses

Mathrubhumi- School Kallolsavam reasons for rejecting appeal

Manorama-KeSCPCR sitting in Malappuram on June 29th

Deshabhimani-KeSCPCR sitting in Malappuram on June 29th

Mathrubhumi- Aadhaar & PAN cant be for child's age proof

Madhyamam:Aadhaar & PAN not valid for child's age proof


DC-Chairperson, KeSCPCR on age-proof for child's age


TOI-KeSCPCR orders reinstatement of park at Journalist colony


Manorama-Age-proof: Aadhaar & PAN card not valid for child's age


TOI-Aadhaar & PAN card not valid for child’s age-proof

Deshabhimani: Visually impaired can join Science stream of Higher Secondary courses

TOI- Puthuvype agitation;KeSCPCR registers Sou motu case 

Mathrubhumi-Case registered against sub-inspector under POCSO 

Manorama-Cyber safety and Children

Kaumudi-"Your child's safety is important"

TOI- New members for KeSCPCR

DC-No summer classes in schools in Kerala

Mangalam- Summer vaccation in schools 

TOI-Websites for free fun activities 

TOI- 'NO GO TELL' short film 

Madhyamam-KeSCPCR bans summer classes in Schools 

IE-No Vaccation classes in Schools 

DC-Govt depts must accept handicap certificate

MM-Handicap Certificate by Security Mission

Scroll.com-Short film 'NO GO TELL' 

NDTV-KeSCPCR bans vacation classes

Mathrubhumi- Empowering children on their safety

Mathrubhumi-New members takes charge in KeSCPCR

Manorama- Dont force children go to anganawadi in summers

Mangalam- Summer vaccation is precious for children

Manorama-Chairperson,KeSCPCR at 'NO GO TELL' short film release

TOI-Birth/School certificate only age proof:KeSCPCR

DC-"Let Children fight for their rights"






Ernakulam 12032016


Idukki Samvadam manorama 24022016




Kozhikkode 30072015 sitting


Kozhikkode CPCR bans entrance in schools


Kozhikkode sitting news 28022015


Kozhikkode sitting news 28072015 (2)


Learning disability


Malappuram Samvadam News Manorama 27092015


Malappuram sitting 30072015


Malappuram Sitting Mathrubhumi 30072015


Malappuram sitting news Manorama 01082015 (2)


Palakkad Commission order press conference


Palakkad early childhood meeting Mathrubhumi


Palakkad early childhood meeting


Trivandrum Teachers Election


Wayanad Sitting Manorama 22122015


Malappuram Sitting Manorama 22122015


Kochi sitting feb 27 2015


Kollam samvadam 28112015


Kottayam news


Idukki Sitting Manorama 16102015


Kottayam sitting notice Manorama


Malappuram sitting news 01082015


Malappuram sitting 01082015


Malappuram samvadam News Mathrubumi 27092015


Palakkad Sitting Manorama 09092015


Pathanamthitta Manorama 08102015


Pathanamthitta Mosquito net (2)


Pathanamthitta Samvadam manorama dt 29022016


Trichur sitting manorama 09092015




Alleppey samvadam report


Calicut Tol Aided School Teachers


Ernakulam sitting Manorama 11102014


Fisheries school


Kannur samvadam 20092014


Kozhikkodde Kattummal GPS Manorama 11092014


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